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Kenny Sharretts

Professional Backline Technician (Drum/Keyboard/Playback) & Stage Manager



Dead & Co/Mickey Hart April 2021 - Present

2023 North American Tours, Festivals, Planet Drum Shows

Drum Technician for Mickey's Main Kit, The Beam, and The Wall Of Drums


The Decemberists - August 2022 one month tour

Drums/Keys including an accordion, a Hammond, and Leslies 


Elvis Costello March 2018 - 2021

Various Tours, Festivals, TV, and One Offs

Ableton Playback Tech

Drum Technician: Pete Thomas

Keyboard Technician: Steve Nieve

Stevie Wonder Aug 2007- June 2019

Various Tours, Festivals, TV, and One offs

Drum Tech /Stage Manager 

Drummers: Stanley Randolph, Chris Johnson, Lil John Roberts, & Stevie Wonder

Percussionists: Fausto Cuevas,  Munyungo Jackson, & Roland Garcia Jr


Janet Jackson  October 2015 - December 2017

State Of The World Tour,  Unbreakable World Tour

Drum Tech/Programmer/DJ Tech - Programmed Yamaha DTX Systems

Drummer: Lil John Roberts   DJ: DJ Aktive


Puff Daddy  May 2016 - October 2016

Bad Boy Records Family Reunion Tour

Backline Crew Chief- Keyboard Tech/Drum Tech/Programmer/DJ Tech 

Keyboard Programming For Roland Jupiter 80, G8, System 1, JD-XA, Moog Voyager, Korg MS2000, Logic Pro

Drums, Percussion, and programming for a DTX, SPDS-X, and SPDS

Keyboardists: Marcus Kincey, and Adam Blackstone

Drummers: Eric "Boots" Greene, Rex Hardy, Gerald Heyward, and Lamont Syndor


Train  Oct 2013 – Sept 2015

Various Tours, Festivals, TV, and One offs

Drum Tech/Programmer - Programmed Yamaha DTX Systems

Drummers: Scott Underwood, Drew Shoals


Rihanna April 2011- July 2013

Diamonds World Tour, 777, Talk That Talk World Tour, The Loud World Tour

Drum/ Percussion /Keyboard Tech/Programmer Programming included Turbo KATS, Akai Samplers, Yamaha Electronics, Roland Electronics, as well as integrating via MIDI Roland & Korg Keyboards including Fantom G, Jupiter 80, V-Synth, Kronos and MainStage/Komplete in Logic Pro 9. Drummer: Chris Johnson


Enrique Iglesias – Drum/Percussion Tech   Jingle Ball Tour December 2010

Drummer: Van Romaine


30 Seconds To Mars - Stage Manager, Bass/Digital Tech  Taste of Chaos Tour 2007

 Bassist/Keyboardist: Matt Wachter


American Idols Live 2006 - Drum, Keyboard, Ableton Tech  June 2006 – Sept. 2006

Drummer: Aaron Spears

Keyboardists: Dave Kochanski, and Andy Weiner


Kelly Clarkson - Drum/Keyboard/Pro Tools Tech  2006 European Tour.

Keys/Pro Tools: Corey Churko

Drums: Derek Wyatt

Joss Stone – Drum Tech 2005 American and European Tours  June 2005 - Dec 2005


Kenny Aronoff -

  •    Michelle Branch  “Are You Happy Now 2003 Summer Tour”  April 2003 - August 2003

  •    Melissa Etheridge  “Summer Skin Tour 2002”  May 2002 – Sept. 2002


Joss Stone

Drum Tech 2005

Smashmouth 2004

Drum & Percussion Tech

Drummer: Michael Urbano


SXSW FADER FORT  Stage Manager for The Fader Fort Stage  2008, 2009, 2010, 2012

Production Manager Howard Hopkins


The Mrs/Super Fleek : November 2015- June 2019

Prod Manager/Playback Engineer/Programmer/Backline/Stage Manager (Ableton, and Pro Tools)





B.B.A. in Marketing from The University of Texas at Austin 1992




  • Comfortable with traveling, and familiar with stadium, arena, shed, festival, promo, corporate, and club level touring. 20 years of A level International Touring experience.

  • Experienced the execution of production tasks with multiple time lines. I can also pack a truck well.

  • Windows and Mac literate. Software experience includes Abelton Live, Komplete, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Word, & Excel.  Drum Pad programming experience includes all Roland, Yamaha, Alesis, and DrumKat Modules. As far as keyboards go, I have experience programming most Roland, Korg, and Yamaha keyboards, I have experience programming soft synths as well as real synths. I also have experience with Real Grand Pianos, Hammond B3’s, Leslies Cabinets, Vox Organs, and a vast array of legacy synths such as Moog’s Voyager, Korg’s MS 2000, Roland’s Jupiter 80, JP 8000, 8080, and many more.

  • Experienced in obtaining, and maintaining artist endorsements, and maintaining supply inventories.

  • Experience with Live & Recorded TV performance including: The Voice, I Heart Radio Festivals, The Grammys, Billboard Music Awards, SNL, The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Today, X Factor, American Idol, Jimmy Kimmel Live, TRL, PBS Soundstage, 20th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concerts, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Much Music Video Awards, and many more. 

John Roberts - Drummer (Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, George Duke) Berklee Professor

Kenny by far has been one of my favorite drum techs of my career! He's so precise with drum tuning, ergonomics, drum setup building, and even part time yoga instructor!  This is the guy you want to pay attention to and learn from, because he knows exactly what he's talking about, as you can see here. I never let anyone tune my drums until I met Kenny. Thank you brother!

Featured in Modern Drummer Magazine!
Thank you to my viewers, site members, and students for your support as it helped to make this happen!


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