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Hello, welcome to the Drum Tuning Resources, & Free Stuff page. Here you will find my bio/resume, testimonials from industry professionals, free drum tuning/drum tech videos, my free drum tuning blog, and free drum charts. 
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John Roberts - Drummer (Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, George Duke) Berklee Professor

Kenny by far has been one of my favorite drum techs of my career! He's so precise with drum tuning, ergonomics, drum setup building, and even part time yoga instructor!  This is the guy you want to pay attention to and learn from, because he knows exactly what he's talking about, as you can see here. I never let anyone tune my drums until I met Kenny. Thank you brother!
Kenny Sharretts Drum Technician

Kenny Sharretts

Pro Drum Technician, Drummer

I am an A-level drum/keyboard tech, playback tech, and stage manager based in Austin, TX. with over 2 decades of touring experience as a tech for artists such as Stevie Wonder, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Puff Daddy, Train, Elvis Costello, & Kelly Clarkson, as well as drummers such as Kenny Aronoff, Stanley Randolph, Lil John Roberts, Aaron Spears, Chris Johnson, Boots Greene, Michael Urbano, Rex Hardy Jr., Pete Thomas, & many more. When not touring as a technician, I teach ONLINE DRUM TUNING/DRUM LESSONS and play professionally in Austin with several bands. See my resume here.

I proudly use Rogers Drums & Hardware, Ultimate Ears Pro, Zildjian, Evans, Pro Mark, Yamaha DTX, Ahead Armor Bags & Accessories, Pintech Percussion, Motion Pro Thrones, Rtom, Heil Mics, Soundhoops Mics, Earthworks Mics, No Nuts Cymbals Sleeves, GK Drums, DW Drums, Kickbloc, & products from Native Instruments, Ultimate Support, JK Drumplates, & Big Bang Distribution.

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